Spade Denies Dating Padma; Mars Chocolate Denies L.A.’s Machismo

• David Spade denies he’s dating Padma Lakshmi, insisting “she was just in town so I was like, ‘Let’s have dinner’.” [Post Chronicle]

• A man was shot and killed by a sherrif’s deputy last night outside of a Studio City Chipotle after hitting the officer with his car. [KTLA]

• An index organized by Mars Chocolate North America ranks L.A. as a low 48 on a list of “America’s Manliest Cities,” with one of the qualifiers being the number of steakhouses a city has. [Daily Breeze]

• Woven reusable bags are an environmentally friendly approach to shopping, but an estimated 97% of users are rarely or never washing them, leading to “whopping amounts” of bacteria, including E. Coli. [AOL News]

• An employee of South Gate Meat Co. claims that all of the infected beef has been returned to the plant, though the FDA is yet to confirm or deny it. []

• Ratings for the second episode of Top Chef’s seventh season were up 22 percent over its dismal premiere ratings. [Hollywood Reporter]

• The best way to photograph food in bright sunlight is by diffusing the light using a sheet, tent, or shadow. [NYT/Diner’s Journal]

• Whole Foods has begun requiring self-declared “organic” beauty products, which are unregulated by the FDA, to be held to the same standards as organic foods. [Forbes]

• The CDC found that 9 in 10 Americans eat more sodium than is recommended. [Reuters]

Spade Denies Dating Padma; Mars Chocolate Denies L.A.’s Machismo