Sky’s Hits the Road and Chris Goossen Aims to Knock Out Truck Tacos

Photo: Knock Out Taco Truck

Two new taco trucks are rolling in from restaurant veterans, hopefully squelching the talk that food trucks’ constant barking is typically better than their bites. Squid Ink reports the arrival of The Knock Out Taco Truck, driven by former Bottega Louie chef Chris “Restaurant Whore” Goossen, who also helped open such spots as Il Grano and Le Dome. K.O. will debut publicly tonight at Abbot-Kinney Art Walk with a menu of ten tacos, both the traditional not-so-great-for-you kind alongside a dangerous “heavily larded” bacon taco and a blackened shrimp Cajun taco made lethally blazin’ with Scotch Bonnet salsa. He’s apparently also throwing some model/servers on board like Baby’s Badass. Goossen warns that you can’t knock his hustle , he comes from a line of Van Nuys boxers, which could be make awesome YouTube footage if all those Abbott-Kinney owners get their pork-pie hats bent out of shape again over food trucks tonight. So what other restaurateur is finally getting on all fours?

Speaking of Cajun fun and industry vets, Sky’s, serving soul food tacos on Mid-City Pico for 18 years, rolled out its own truck last night. The Ink’s Amy Scattergood is on the scene with owner Barbara Burell, who says the menu will be taken from the restaurant’s own, with “smaller more specialized versions of the regular fare.” While we might have been premature in naming food trucks lots as the trend’s future, it appears the current rage is established restaurateurs hitting the road to build both their brand and pocket change. Let’s hope it helps keep the good mobile menus afloat while we weed out the bad seeds.

Follow K.O. Taco Truck on Twitter and stay tuned to Sky’s website for more details hopefully an eventual Twitter feed.

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Sky’s Hits the Road and Chris Goossen Aims to Knock Out Truck Tacos