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Sifton, Cheshes Fall For Annisa; Richman Visits ‘Mediocre’ Print

Annisa is very good. It is not perfect,” writes Sam Sifton. It “remains a destination for grown-up and serious restaurant-goers, both for its cooking and the experience of eating it.” [NYT]
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Annisa “isn’t any flashier than it used to be, but the food is more exciting than ever,” asserts Jay Cheshes. “Lo takes a singular stand for old-fashioned refinement.” [TONY]

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a restaurant so determined to pursue mediocrity,” Alan Richman says of Print. “The menus are badly in need of coherence, to say nothing of editing.” [Forked & Corked/GQ]
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“The American menu gets the job done” at the Central Park Boathouse, notes Steve Cuozzo in his roundup of city park dining. At New Leaf Café, “entrees can be over-busy.” [NYP]

“A lobster risotto was disconcertingly green and its flavors muddled; red snapper was a little overcooked, and the only contribution made by an underlying layer of artichokes was a jarring note of bitterness,” Andrea Thompson says of Faustina. [NYer]
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“With its off-price cocktails, familiar interior, and cheap and sometimes excellent bar food, it’s almost impossible not to adore The Commodore,” raves Robert Sietsema. [VV]
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Canteen 82 is a great neighborhood place for my dumpling fix,” notes Ed Levine. The soup dumplings are “better, way better, than the ones at Joe’s Shanghai.” [Serious Eats NY]

“It seems the subterranean feeding concept” at the Plaza Food Hall “is a winner,” says Gael Greene. After a first visit reminiscent of “bad airport food,” “either we’ve stumbled on the better choices or the team is getting its act together.” [Insatiable Critic]

Kenmare is “a fair, forgettable restaurant, another mess hall-cum-social club,” according to Ryan Sutton. The Little Owl “feels more welcoming then Kenmare even though it’s smaller and harder to get into.” [Bloomberg]
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Sifton, Cheshes Fall For Annisa; Richman Visits ‘Mediocre’ Print