Shrek Sells Kids On Onions; Genetically-Altered Salmon May Soon Be On Your Plate

• Vidalia growers use Shrek to get kids to eat their onions. [WSJ]

• Genetically-altered salmon, which grow at twice the rate of normal salmon, are under consideration for FDA approval. [NYT]

Top Chef star Stefan Richter has a cameo on the seventh season premiere of Entourage. [JustJared]

• Carb-conscious folks who order their bagel “scooped out” are only saving about 75 calories. [NYP]

• New Orleans-based chef Susan Spicer is initiating a class-action lawsuit against BP for loss of income based on the oil spill’s devastation of the Gulf seafood supply chain. [Reuters]

• A bar owner and Ultimate Fighter accused of beating up an Albany Times Union restaurant critic in 2008 have been officially charged with the crime; an earlier charge was thrown out of court last year. [AP]

• Over the last few decades, Copenhagen has transformed from a city of stodgy restaurants to one of the world’s most interesting culinary destinations. [AFP]

• India’s recent increase in alcohol consumption has left brewers and liquor produces scrambling to fill demand. [LAT]

• A handful of states are relaxing the laws surrounding the sale of homemade foods without the usual licensing at venues like farmers markets. [AP]

• New EU legislation wants to change food packaging to specifying quantities by weight rather than number, effectively eliminating the notion of “a dozen eggs.” [UK Telegraph]

Shrek Sells Kids On Onions; Genetically-Altered Salmon May Soon Be On