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See Canyon Vendor Defends Mark Peel’s Privacy; Ryan Seacrest Gets Romantic at Red O

Stealing Peel's soul
Stealing Peel’s soul Photo: Hadley Tomicki

It’s always a thrill to find our market-driven chefs actually making their own trips to our farmers markets. This morning we spied Campanile’s Mark Peel and Cafe Pierre chef Remi Lavaud making the rounds and, star-struck fans that we are, could not help but snap a photo of Peel with his produce checklist. “Fuck you!,” sounded a fierce cry from a not-so-friendly neighborhood farmer manning the See Canyon booth, though fortunately Peel’s kids weren’t on the job with him this time to hear such language. Pissed that a photo was taken in public without permission, as if we’d just purloined the soul of an indigenous tribal elder, she really let us have it before casting a sub-par screwface to us on our way out. It’s nice that Santa Monica Farmers Market vendors look out for chefs like that, but toques are our celebrities and spotting Mark Peel shopping for veggies is kind of like Popsugar or US Weekly seeing Ryan Seacrest on a date at Red O or Kim Kardashian leaving Boa, both of which got those publications pumped up this past week. Oh well, enjoy the evidence of Peel’s produce pursuit and take a look below at where paparazzi-accustomed celebs have been eating in L.A. this week.

Boa: Kim Kardashian appeared with a friend. [Celebutopia]

Boa: Nicole Richie went to a party here after having her alcohol probation extended. [E! Online]

Cha Cha Cha: Actor Casey Affleck shot a cover story here
with The L.A. Times. [L.A. Times]

Katsuya: Charlize Theron ate dinner with super-agent Ari
“Hug It Out Bitch” Emmanuel. [People]

O Burger: Jessica Alba ate lunch on Robertson. [Just Jared]

Philippe Chow
: Rihanna and Dodger Matt Kemp had dinner
before facing a swarm of photographers. [Gossip Center]

Red O: Ryan Seacrest took Julianne Hough out to dinner. [Before It’s News]

Trousdale: P. Diddy sat in VIP with friends, “mostly
ignoring fellow clubgoers.” [People]

See Canyon Vendor Defends Mark Peel’s Privacy; Ryan Seacrest Gets Romantic at