Seafood Prices Hold Steady; Painkiller Shares Recipes

• Thus far, the Gulf oil disaster is having a limited impact on American seafood prices. [WSJ]

• By sharing cocktail recipes on its website, Painkiller is breaking with a long tiki tradition of secrecy. [NYP]

• Business author Tony Schwartz wants office workers to take back their lunch breaks. [NYP]

• Italians are criticizing a new European Union regulation that would require Nutella, like other unhealthy foods, to carry a warning label. [AP]

• The Obama administration proposed new meatpacking rules aimed at helping small farms. [NYT]

• The Food and Drug Administration recommends consumers avoid Magic Power Coffee, as the coffee/aphrodisiac may interfere with blood-pressure medications. [NYDN]

• Michael Moore collaborator Meghan O’Hara is working on a documentary about a kosher meatpacking executive on trial in Iowa. [NYO]

• Wal-Mart will soon launch a $4 wine in Japan. [WSJ]

Seafood Prices Hold Steady; Painkiller Shares Recipes