Ruxbin Opens in Noble Square

Ruxbin Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Ruxbin (not the mechanical teddy bear but the restaurant) opened yesterday in Noble Square. We snuck by the restaurant before it opened to try and take a peek at the menu, but nothing had been posted up outside. Then a few calls went unanswered and e-mails not returned, and suddenly we were even more interested to see what was going on than ever before. It is rumored to be some sort of cross between French, Mexican, and Korean cuisine, but all we keep seeing on its Facebook Page are pictures of things like mussels and fries and pot roast. But thanks to blogger No Shame, we’ve been able to confirm a few more dishes that will be appearing on the menu.

Those noted influences pop up immediately with the appetizers including empanadas, crispy eggplant salad, and avocado toast with “heirloom baby tomatoes, pickled onions, anchovies, grilled asparagus, and feta.”

Main courses delve into the more traditional with mussels and fries, a hanger steak on a bed of cauliflower puree, and a pan seared trout with bulgar wheat tabbouleh.

Check out the whole meal rundown at No Shame.

Ruxbin, 851 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60642; 312-624-8509

Ruxbin Opens in Noble Square