Temporary Closings

Updated: RNM Shutters For (At Least) Three Months

Photo: Courtesy of RNM

We sort of don’t like the sound of this, but Haighteration reports today that eight-year-old Lower Haight restaurant RNM has posted a sign announcing that they’ll be closed for three months for “extensive renovations.” Three months is a long time for a remodel, but we suppose Bistro Aix did it earlier this year and they’ve arisen shinier than ever.

RNM chef Justine Miner, we imagine, may be in the market for some temp work.

Update: The Scoop spoke to some staff members at RNM and found out that Miner is actually out of the country and the three-month thing is more of an aim — as we suspected, the closure is indefinite. The staff has been let go with severance, and the possibility remains that the whole place will be reconcepted. [Scoop]

RNM Closes for Renovations [Haighteration]

Updated: RNM Shutters For (At Least) Three Months