Restaurants Serve ‘Linner’; Makeover for Boxed Wine

• Restaurants from Cookshop to Pulino’s are serving light meals between 3 and 5 p.m., during what used to be a dining dead zone. [NYP]

• As boxed wine rises in quality, manufacturers are giving the boxes themselves an upscale makeover. [Time]

• Sausage king Jimmy Dean is dead at 81. [Daily Intel]

Parade plans to launch a food magazine called Dash. [NYT]

• Federal officials are considering banning peanuts on commercial flights in consideration of those with nut allergies. [NYDN]

• Pinkberry will add a watermelon flavor this summer. [NRN]

• After getting into a car accident on Friday night, January Jones called Bobby Flay for help. [TMZ]

• A Bolivian company recently launched a soft drink called Coca Colla, but unlike Coca-Cola, it contains plenty of coca leaves, the plant responsible for cocaine. [AdAge]

• Restaurants across the nation are hoping for a World Cup–related boost in business. [NRN]

• As the word “organic” becomes increasingly vague, some food activists are calling for a new term, “authentic.” [Salon]

• The new Union Square Chipotle contains architectural innovations like a large plywood box that dispenses condiments and dampens acoustics. [WSJ]

• The city Department of Health wants to revamp the milk-dating process, ensuring that cartons have just one “sell by” date. [NYDN]

• Famed British food critic Egon Ronay is dead at 94. [Reuters]

Restaurants Serve ‘Linner’; Makeover for Boxed Wine