Red Lobster Removes Oysters From Menu; Is L.A. Really ‘The Big Orange?’

• Red Lobster removed oysters from the menu after its supplier shut down due to the Gulf oil spill. [AP]

• Sorry L.A. Times, but despite a few scattered findings, L.A. is rarely ever called “the Big Orange.” [LAist]

• Jay Handel, the owner of Brentwood’s San Gennaro restaurant, has kept his eyes on the KFC-turned-marijuana dispensary, even calling The City Attorney’s office to get it shut down. [L.A. Weekly]

• The gunman who shot four family members at a San Bernadino Del Taco last week was reportedly distraught over not being able to see his children. [Mercury News]

• Phillip Gay is being replaced as CEO of Grill Concepts (owner of Grill on the Alley) by founder Robert Spivak. [L.A. Business Journal]

• An Arizona restaurant serving lion meat burgers to promote the World Cup has drawn protests, including a bomb threat. [AP]

• Subway is apologizing for making over 100 people ill with salmonella poisoning. [Reuters]

• Gastronomically inclined bachelor and bachelorette parties are moving away from strippers, and towards sit-down meals at high-end restaurants. [NYT]

• A consumer group is threatening to sue McDonald’s unless they stop using Happy Meal toys to “tempt” kids into the restaurant. [Reuters]

• The Milton, Pennsylvania home of Ettore “Hector” Boiardi — better known as Chef Boyardee — is up for auction. [Luxist]

• JetBlue has joined the ranks of other airlines selling in-flight meals on longer flights. [AP]

• Just as different medications can interact with each other, certain foods and nutritional supplements can also have an effect on the way medicines are absorbed. [WSJ]

• British supermarket chain Waitrose is planning an American expansion with their line Duchy Originals from Waitrose, which was founded by Prince Charles. [Reuters]

• SoCal’s South Gate Meat Company is recalling ground beef products that were shipped to L.A. restaurants after E-coli strains were discovered by government inspectors. [Helium]

Red Lobster Removes Oysters From Menu; Is L.A. Really ‘The Big Orange?’