Recapping Sunset Mag’s Celebration Fest; Ruth Bourdain Admits He/She Is a Food Writer

• A roundup of photos from Sunset’s Celebration weekend in Menlo Park. [Foodhoe]

• Despite his well-documented hatred of cupcake mania, Anthony Bourdain does enjoy a red velvet cupcake. [NYP]

• Cesalee and Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats are trying to decide what kind of liver to feed their baby first. [Bay Area Bites]

• Not all grapes are created equal when it comes to the appropriate alcohol content for a wine, says W. Blake Gray. [Gray Market Report]

• The writer of the Ruth Bourdain Twitter won’t reveal his/her identity, but admits to being a food writer in New York. [WSJ]

• Scientists believe they have figured out a way to make credible vegetarian chicken, long thought to be the hardest meat to replicate because of its unique texture. [Time]

• The inaugural New Orleans Oyster Festival this weekend was filled with nerves about the bivalve’s future. [NYT]

• The Obama administration hopes to overhaul the nation’s school lunch program. [CSM]

• Food trucks are huge in Tokyo right now, offering everything from Thai food to Tex-Mex. [WSJ]

• The makers of Sabra hummus plan to greatly expand their advertising this year. [NYT]

Recapping Sunset Mag’s Celebration Fest; Ruth Bourdain Admits