Reader Picks Kith and Kin as Best New Restaurant In ‘Best’ List

Pimento Cheese Crock
Pimento Cheese Crock Photo: courtesy Kith and Kin

Chicago Reader’s “Best of Chicago 2010” list comes out today, and so we can once again wade into the discrepancies between critic and voter. Each year the magazine holds a vote on what the “readers” think, while balancing the opinion of what the Reader thinks. Cute, right? Of course, the Reader engages in slightly more idiosyncratic categories like “Best Place to Get Hopped Up on Caffeine and Play Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” and “Best Customer Service at a Liquor Store,” instead of the standard “Best Pizza.” In only one category do the two meet this time.

For best new restaurant, the Reader picked Kith and Kin, noting that, “This is the kind of irresistible place every neighborhood deserves. ” It’s a pretty solid pick considering its exceptional reviews. The readers went for Longman and Eagle, another place with more than respectable review, if maybe with more approachable prices.

Anyway, the whole list is worth a look. In general the Reader runs through a list of must eats, while the readers pick well known restaurants, with some puzzling results (Pie-Eyed Pizzeria for best pizza over Great Lake? Really? ). Still, it’s always wonderful to know the “Best Way to Stuff Your Face With Thai Food for Under $5.”

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Reader Picks Kith and Kin as Best New Restaurant In ‘Best’ List