P.Y.T. Employee Murdered; Michael Symon Bribes LeBron

P.Y.T. employee Sabina Rose O’Donnell was found strangled yesterday morning. [Inquirer via Meal Ticket/City Paper]

• Pennsylvania lawmakers contemplate small games of chance for bars. [KYW]

• Iron Chef Michael Symon promised LeBron James that if James stays in Cleveland, Symon will come over and cook for him once a month. [Facebook via Huffington Post]

• The Cooking Channel aims to be a hipper version of the Food Network. [USA Today]

• Given the rising popularity of tiki drinks, can a revival of 70s style fern bars be far behind? [WP]

• Breaking: if you only ate what is advertised on TV, your diet would not be very healthy. [Time]

• Hawaii now bans shark fins. [Huffington Post]

• After a fifteen year hiatus, Walgreen is selling beer and wine again. [WSJ]

• The number of Americans receiving food stamps surpassed 40 million in March, nearing a 26 year high. [NYP]

• The maker of Scotland’s beloved Irn-Bru needs to remove the soda’s artificial dye to comply with government regulations, but consumers are wary of change. [WSJ]

P.Y.T. Employee Murdered; Michael Symon Bribes LeBron