NYCWFF Reveals: A Blue Smoke Spinoff and a Chodorow Burger Joint?

The New York City Wine & Food Festival’s site went live today, and the dozen competitors in the aforementioned “Sandwich Showdown” will be 101 Sandwich honorees No. 7 Sub, Defonte’s, Resto, Ft. Defiance, Porchetta, and ’ino as well as Baohaus, Blue Ribbon, DOB 111, Zampa, the Lobster Place, and Blue Smoke Bake Shop. Wait a minute! What’s Blue Smoke Bake Shop?

We haven’t yet been able to reach Danny Meyer’s people to find out (they’re presumably fielding inquiries about the latest Shake Shack rumor, that it’s being courted for Battery Park City), but upon calling Blue Smoke as civilians and asking whether the place was open, we were told “not currently.” A receptionist clarified that it’s “an idea the pastry chef is playing with” but couldn’t say much more.

Meanwhile, here are some hard and fast details about Jeffrey Chodorow’s in-the-works Food Parc.

Restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow will also showcase his concept food court that serves a special blended burger (No.7 Hanger Blend) with gourmet bacons, Joe Ng’s imaginative dumplings, unique pizza bianca wraps, specialties from chefs such as Michael White (Norwegian meatballs), Ed Brown (clam chowder and lobster rolls) and Zak Pelaccio (Asian barbeque) real home-made chocolate pudding, and much more.

And there’s a possible spoiler about another China Grill Management project: Company chef Scott Ubert is listed in the Burger Bash lineup as the chef of 3B’s: Bacon, Burgers & Beer. Google turns up nothing — is Chodorow planning a burger concept?

Finally, there’s this: Though Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano still haven’t publicly confirmed Alex Guarnaschelli as the chef at their new supper club in the old Nell’s/NA space, the schedule lists a master cooking class that will be held at “Alex Guarnaschelli’s Brand New Restaurant, Name TBD — 244 West 14th Street.”

Tickets don’t go on sale till June 21 (though the TimesTalks are now on sale via the Times site), but you’ll definitely want to start examining the schedule early — there’s a lot going on here.

NYC Wine and Food Festival [Official site]

NYCWFF Reveals: A Blue Smoke Spinoff and a Chodorow Burger Joint?