Now Open on Sixth Street: John’s Burgers

Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

Grub Street mentioned earlier the relocation of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken across the street and into the same digs as Donut World, and its former home at 6 Sixth Street has a new tenant as of last week: John’s Burgers, which is now officially open for business. As earlier promised, they’ve got something called a fried burrito on the menu for $1.99, and the Captain John Gourmet Burger, with sautéed onions, mushrooms, special sauce and melted mozzarella, will run you a cool $4.59. Also on offer, besides burgers, are a meatball sandwich ($5.45), a steak sandwich ($7.99), and a hot dog and soda deal for $3.25.

They’re right next door to Tu Lan, and they join Passion Café and the uber-quirky Rancho Parnassus as new additions to this ever colorful strip that the Times recently went so far as to deem a new “gourmet ghetto.” It’s not quite that yet! But still, good news.

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Now Open on Sixth Street: John’s Burgers