New England Bluefin at Risk; Chefs Eye Beirut

• The Gulf oil spill may kill bluefin larvae, harming the fish’s catch in New England. [Globe]

• High-end chefs from Joel Robuchon to Jean-Georges Vongerichten are eying restaurants in Beirut. [NYT]

• Restaurants across the country are running Sex and the City themed promotions in hopes of drawing in fans of the movie. [NRN]

• Restaurant realtor Steve Kamali will open a London office to help his clients, including Tom Colicchio and Marcus Sameulsson, expand abroad. [Eater]

• American craft brewers are increasingly experimenting with sour beers. [NYT]

• Ruth Reichl has been especially enjoying Twitter while laid up with a broken foot: “When you’re stuck in bed, it’s great. You feel connected to the world.” [WWD]

• A new McDonald’s ad in France targets gay customers. [NYDN]

New England Bluefin at Risk; Chefs Eye Beirut