Neldam’s Bakery Wishes Oakland Loved It Too

The owner of the 81-year-old Neldam’s Danish Bakery in Oakland is pissed that Merritt Bakery has won a pile of city support while he’s facing eviction, as the Chron is reporting. Last month, the City of Oakland voted to lend another $150,000 to the struggling Merritt Bakery. The city has loaned $358,000 to the 58-year-old business over the last year, and many say its enormous debts are going to do it in regardless.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency told Neldam that the city’s “bank was closed” and refused to offer him any subsidy.

“They received millions in stimulus money, and we got zero,” says owner Mike Neldam. “We’ve been asking regularly for five years.” The Chron’s Chip Johnson also points out that the City once loaned $2 million to the murder-happy and now closed Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Neldam’s received an eviction notice in May and from the sound of it this third-generation family business won’t be in Oakland long.

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Neldam’s Bakery Wishes Oakland Loved It Too