Neighbors Bid ‘Ciao for Now’ to Gino’s

Photo: NYP

Brooks of Sheffield shares intel on his blog Lost City that Michael Miele of Gino’s is hoping to open a new restaurant, “Michael of Gino’s.” And on Eater he quotes a patron who says “tempers are hot” about the unionized waiters. It’s said one of them was even tripped by a patron. Liz Gumbinner also dropped in during the last weekend of service and quoted her father on her Mom 101 blog: “This is the Gino I remember and love — bar is mobbed. Lots of people waiting for tables and no name. Just the boss remembering. And a great vodka gibson.”

Her father, Paul, blogs about their meal on his View From Madison Avenue blog. And Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York stops by to soak up the nostalgia: “Safe. I feel safe,” says one patron. “Like I’m home. Is that silly? I don’t know what I’m going to do now.” We’ll give the final word to Gay Talese, who tells the Post, “We’re losing a place that represented tradition, great service and familiarity with New Yorkers.”

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Neighbors Bid ‘Ciao for Now’ to Gino’s