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Napa Valley Grille Chef Enters Westwood Politics

Gillard: Today Westwood, tomorrow Washington?
Gillard: Today Westwood, tomorrow Washington? Photo: Napa Valley Grille

Napa Valley Grille executive chef Joseph Gillard announced his candidacy to The Westwood City Council yesterday, with the aims of revitalizing the Westwood Village district that we’ve previously noted is riddled with unrented storefronts these days. We’ve offered to follow this guy into battle after he started the city’s first CSA, prepared free lunch boxes for UCLA Volunteer Day, and lead free farmer’s market tours, but unfortunately we won’t vote in this neighborhood’s June 26th election. For those considering Gillard, what’s his big idea for the neighborhood?

Through his reps the chef states, “I believe that the Westwood Neighborhood Council will benefit from having a local business leader like me on its team of advocates. Through my daily interaction with Napa Valley Grille guests, I understand their goals and dreams for Westwood Village. This is an extraordinary neighborhood, and as a chef and active member of the community, I will bring a realistic and goal-oriented perspective to the Neighborhood Council, with the vision of making Westwood Village more attractive to our neighbors who live, work, and visit here.”

We’ve put a few gun-slinging actors into our state politics, we might as well give a locavore chef with sharp knives a shot. Stay tuned for the election results towards the end of the month.

Napa Valley Grille Chef Enters Westwood Politics