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Mario Batali Makes His Indie-Horror Debut

Remember Bitter Feast, the movie Mario Batali was said to be acting in? Well, the trailer is out now, and though we could’ve guessed it based on everything we already knew about the movie (namely that Batali portrays a restaurateur whose chef exacts revenge on a smug critic), the whole thing is rather nuts. It’s Dinner Rush meets Saw, and in an inevitable move, it gives food bloggers the Misery treatment. Interestingly, director Joe Reggio says he was inspired by Frank Bruni’s “totally ridiculous and unfair” review of Gordon Ramsay at the London.

I started thinking what I would do to Frank Bruni if I were Gordon Ramsay. After many strange imaginings, I concluded that more than anything else, what Ramsay would probably want is to somehow force Bruni to live in Ramsay’s shoes for a bit, to teach him empathy, to force him to care about cooking with the intensity that Ramsay cared about it, and then to randomly and arbitrarily shit all over Bruni’s dreams.

Critics who are thinking of panning this one may want to take note.

Bitter Feast [Official site via Eater NY]

Mario Batali Makes His Indie-Horror Debut