Lights Out on Edison Bulbs?

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When Dallas BBQ used filament bulbs in its redesign, you knew the trend was completely played out, and now Ken Friedman of the Breslin says just that, in a Times article that rehashes a Gawker post from three years ago. That earlier post claimed that the “first major documented case” of dining-room Edison bulbs was at Public in 2003, but the Times says that Craft’s bulbs (installed in 2001) “may have been the start of the boom.” Truth is, Wallsé, for one, had them back in 2000. By the time Platt reviewed Public, he was already calling them “trendy.” So what’s the news here?

Well, for one, the Times piece goes to one of the primary sources of the bulbs — Bob Rosenzweig, who was priced out of New York City (maybe owing to those trendy restaurants he makes Edison bulb reproductions for?) and is now based in South Carolina. And then there’s this:

Mr. Bloomberg and his chief environmental aide declined to comment on the proliferation of the filament bulbs, some of which do not produce enough light to be included in the higher federal efficiency standards that begin taking effect in 2012, but can use roughly three times the energy of a standard incandescent.

Although some Congressional aides say the new restrictions would not apply to the reproduction bulbs because they are not intended for general use, the Natural Resources Defense Council, which helped write the law, said it would challenge that interpretation.

Uh-oh! Are filament bulbs in danger? And which restaurant will be the first to issue a press release bragging about its “ecofriendly Edison bulbs”?

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Lights Out on Edison Bulbs?