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Hungry Kids Write a Perfect Review of Hot Doug’s

“You should listen to me and get in here!” Photo: kaplanbr/Flickr

We can all learn from this review. A group of kids from 826CHI (a non-profit writing/tutoring center) created a group called the Taste Buds, which descended on Hot Doug’s for a full on food review. The group wisdom here is kind of startling. Jules notes that “Hot Doug’s is very popular, crowded, and noisy. They had a ridiculously long line.” Sam thinks that Doug Sohn makes it worth the experience: “He makes me happy. He tells the other workers to make the hot dogs that I love.” Finally, Evan gets to the duck fat fries: “The food is delectable. I had duck fat fries, which are awesome.” And that’s really about it: the lines are long, Doug Sohn makes it fun, and duck fat fries are, indeed, awesome. Some paid restaurant reviewers don’t nail it like that. Anyway, below are some other choice lines from the mini reviews.

On a side note, we have to admit to being horrible jealous of these little kids. We never had the chance to taste duck fat fries until just few years ago, and now these kids have experienced them before they have reached Junior High. Anyway, watch out for the cuteness factor here.

Great Quotes:

Subin, 5th Grade: ” I love food and opinionating.”

Mr. Interviewer Person (a.k.a. Jerod), 5th Grade: “The purpose of this review is to write about how food tastes. I am doing this because my mom made me get up to do this at 10:00 a.m. in the rain and the line was moving like a snail that broke its leg. I just wanted to go to Burger King because they have ribs. Then I had to write a review like Jaylen [his sister].”

Rachel, 4th Grade: “Wow, this food is FOODabulous!”

Jaylen, 1st Grade: “I want to be a food critic when I grow up so this is a great opportunity for me. Everything here was perfect. The place was perfect. The food was perfect. The people were perfect.”

Declan, 3rd Grade: “When asked what qualifies him to write a food review, he says he doesn’t know, but the only meat he eats? Hot Dogs!


Ms. Root beer: “The place is loud and weird, with colorful pictures and music. The root beer is awesome! And the french fries are awesome! But the hot dogs are soo so so so good!”

ChgoLink123458 (a.k.a. Evan): “Best food experience I ever had.”

: “4 out of 5 tater tots (It would have been 5 tater tots but the wait was too long.)”

Ms. French Fry (a.k.a. Isabella): “You should listen to me and get in here!”

The Taste Buds Review: Hot Doug’s (a.k.a. 826CHI Youth Invasion!) [Chicago 6 Corners]

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Hungry Kids Write a Perfect Review of Hot Doug’s