The Other Critics

Jerry Remy’s Gets a Threefer; Russell House is a Solid Tavern

• Mat Schaffer files one of three reviews on Jerry Remy’s, giving it a solid B: “For an operation virtually guaranteed financial success before it opened, Jerry Remy’s laudably doesn’t cut corners when it comes to food.” [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau is similarly smitten with Jerry Remy’s, giving it two stars: “Sports guys never, ever, have co-owned a restaurant with really good food.

The pride of Fall River has had an unlikely career, and always sandbags you by doing better than predicted. So maybe I should have been ready for how fine Remy’s place would be.” [Phoenix]

• At the Globe, Jerry Remy’s falls under Cheap Eats’ beat, and, no surprise, they love it as well: “You will feel as if you’ve gone nine innings against the Yankees — and won.” [Globe]

• Devra First gives Russell House Tavern two stars: “Russell House Tavern opened in April in the former Z Square space, claiming the T word without qualification. It just so happens, it actually is a modern tavern, or what you’d imagine such a thing to be.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB stops by Mandy and Joe’s in Brighton, which “conveys a genuine sense of continuity with a bygone time: there’s nothing faux, winking, or retro about it. It’s the real deal.” [Phoenix]

Jerry Remy’s Gets a Threefer; Russell House is a Solid Tavern