Phil Vettel Claims It’s Hell or Hoboken for Chicago Food Trucks

Phil Vettel's effective disguise.
Phil Vettel’s effective disguise.

There have been a lot of calls for new food truck legislation in Chicago from chefs and other publications like Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Reader. But most of those tend to focus on how much people want good street food, which is probably true. But Phil Vettel, the food critic for the Chicago Tribune who also likes to disguise himself in TV segments, thinks we absolutely need food trucks for the good of our city. In an impassioned plea, he lists ten reasons why food trucks will be beneficial. He seems almost embarrassed that places like Hoboken, NJ already have great food trucks: “Please. Don’t make me go to Hoboken.” Check out his full list below, along with some food truck ideas from other famous Chicago chefs.

Rick Bayless, Phillip Foss, and Paul Kahan are just a few of the chefs that were asked what they would do if they could open a food truck in the city. Our favorite is a fried seafood truck idea from Graham Elliot Bowles, who claims we don’t have enough good seafood shacks in the city: “After all, we have a huge lake as a front yard; might as well pretend it’s the ocean!”

The food truck legislation will be discussed next Wednesday, June 9. Keep your fingers crossed.

Phil Vettel’s Top Ten Reasons Why Chicago Needs Food Trucks

1. We already have food trucks; we just need some good ones
2. The technology is, forgive the pun, ready to roll.
3. The demand for food trucks is well-documented.
4. Food quality is likely to be excellent.
5. We’ll see more, talented chefs.
6. Food trucks will bring revenue and jobs to Chicago.
7. Food trucks can bring food where it’s needed most.
8. Keeping tabs on these trucks will be easy.
9. Safety and health inspections can be made easy.
10. Food trucks are reality. The only question is how well the city will manage them.

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Phil Vettel Claims It’s Hell or Hoboken for Chicago Food Trucks