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How to Forage Again at Forage

Photo: Forage

Those clever locavore devils at Forage are putting the meaning back into their restaurant’s name after county health inspectors forbade this new Silver Lake eatery from buying and serving home-grown produce last April. LAist announces the return of foraging to Forage through a new program that helps ordinary green-thumbs become state certified growers. The restaurant introduces us to its small advisory panel via an updated website, looking at five very different Angelenos and the various things they grow and supply. The website will serve as a blog detailing the requirements and challenges of certification as the program expands. Want to join the panel?

Forage is currently seeking five additional growers to supply its kitchens and will aid hopeful urban farmers in the process to become legitimate members of its new Home Growers Circle by becoming state certified. We’re glad to see this revolutionary concept get back on its feet and even stronger than before, hopefully leading to an uptick in state-permitted urban farmers…and more foraging restaurants.

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How to Forage Again at Forage