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Two bar veterans are setting up new shops in Hollywood. Loaded Rock Bar is due on Hollywood Blvd., just east of Cahuenga, with Eater reporting this as the brainchild of Big Wang’s owners. That becomes all-too-believable when perusing a website that looks as calculatedly scruffy as a new pair of jeans that some non-rocker rips and splatters with paint. Always ones to chuckle at their bluster, these wangs relish in pro-pickling deals like the “Brother on a Budget” that offers a cigarette, shot of well liquor, and 24-ounce pounder of Busch for eight bucks. A full menu is online showing a spread of really cheap eats from a four-dollar cheeseburger to a fifteen-dollar pizza, as well as whiskey, bourbon, and beer kept under six bucks. It’s tempting to say this has promise in price and maybe as a chaser to a haircut at Floyd’s, but only if it manages to repulse the clientele from Big Wang’s. So, who else is opening in Hollywood?

Ike Pyun and Silas Gaither, owners of Santa Monica’s The Parlor, will open a central location of the sports bar tomorrow at the site of Melrose’s shuttered El Guapo. While few tears are being shed here for Guapo’s demise, it did provide a nice patio to watch a game and get rowdy, and The Parlor will maintain those sports roots, opening tomorrow morning at 6:30 A.M. for the World Cup and staying open. Parlor PR Man Kaye says there are 49 T.V. sets here, with 46 of them flatscreens, and the rest HD projectors. “No matter where you sit, you’re going to have an awesome view,” he says. Correction: Jordan Kaye was originally reported as the owner here, while Pyun and Gaither actually are.

For the time being, The Parlor will serve the same bar food menu as Santa Monica, while teasing that a new gastropub and drink menu will debut with the space’s grand-opening. As for Craig Trager’s very similarly-named Parlour Room of Hollywood that opened last week, Kaye tells Grub Street, “Yeah, it’s pretty confusing that it opened at the same time,” but doesn’t seem to harbor much ill will towards the competitor, having already established a strong reputation on the West Side. A Brazilian hair salon called Parlor on Third doesn’t feel so stoked while Tweeting sarcastically, “Yeah, no, we’re not the sports bar that opened up on Melrose that calls themselves ‘The Parlor’. Nice name though. Wish we’d thought of it!”

Loaded 6377 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood

The Parlor Hollywood opens tomorrow morning at 7250 Melrose Ave. Hollywood

Hollywood Getting Loaded and The Parlor