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Hell’s Kitchen: Knack and Santos Thrive

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Viewers were “treated” to two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen last night, and both were successful hours for our Boston contestants, Jason Santos of Gargoyles On The Square and Sel De La Terre’s Benjamin Knack. Both chefs survived both episodes and even thrived.

In Episode Three, Knack clashed briefly, albeit semi-politely (“Get the fuck out of here, please.”) with fellow Blue Team member Scott, but Knack’s shining moment came but a few minutes later, when Ramsay credited his meat cookery with the Blue Team’s win, remarking that the team should “thank your lucky stars there’s someone called Benjamin on there.”

In Episode Four, Santos revealed a previously unnoticed talent for trash talking, describing in one memorable sequence exactly what he would like to do to the aforementioned Scott.

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Hell’s Kitchen: Knack and Santos Thrive