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Give Stephanie Izard All Your Goat Stuff

Goat Photo: courtesy Stephanie Izard

Looks like the opening for Stephanie Izard’s The Girl & the Goat has been slightly delayed, yet again. It is rumored for three weeks from now, which would put the opening sometime in early July. Anyway, she’s come up with another crazy marketing push that would make all that button chaos blush. Izard needs your help with decorating the place, and she’d like your goat paraphernalia. What’s this mean? Well, in her words: “I want a goat crown!! searching for cool goat stuff for shelves in the open kitchen at the goat if anyone comes across stuff, let me know!” People are encouraged to take pictures of any goat items they’d be willing to donate to the restaurant, and then post a picture of it on the Girl & the Goat Facebook Page. Five winners will be chosen to eat at the restaurant. Check out the full e-mail below for all the rules and regulations.

well, you guys kinda inspired me. i mean, do you see that goat up there!?!? we’d love to have some cool goat stuff to show off in the restaurant that will forever become a part of girl & the goat lore, and we’re opening it up to you to maybe help us get there. and in return? well, the top five kick ass goat ‘things’ we like will be invited, with a guest, to a friends and family preview dinner to the restaurant later this month!!

But before we get too far ahead ourselves, let’s take this one hoof at a time:

- we’re looking for the wackiest, zaniest, coolest goat items you’ve got - and we’ll choose five of them. but we’d hate to just have you hand such a sacred thing like that over with its fate unknown, so all we need for now is a clear and concise picture that really shows the relic off in as flattering and presentable way possible.

- the items will be on a shelf exposed to the entire dining room, so be sure size is appropriate. obviously, nothing too big - and at the same time, nothing too small. cool?

- this time you’re not emailing anything to us, but instead your posting the pics to the restaurant’s brand new facebook page. don’t have a facebook page? have a friend post for you! or join!! is it lame that i get more news from facebook than the news itself?

- this contest is open now and will end Monday, June 21st at 9 pm. we’ll count every one and take what we like best as the official entry. so post as many as you want!

- and obviously, the item needs to be something in your possession. posting a picture of something from the internet won’t fly.

Girl & The Goat Facebook Page

Give Stephanie Izard All Your Goat Stuff