Foodies Aren’t Laughin‘ at Lappin’s Food-Truck Bill

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Opposition continues to mount against legislation that New York City Council members Jessica Lappin and Karen Koslowitz are planning to tout at a hearing next Wednesday. The bill, which you can read online, would suspend the vending permit of a food truck that gets two tickets within a year and outright revoke the license if they get three in a year. The Street Vendor Project recently created a Facebook page, “Jessica Lappin, why are you singling out food trucks?” that now has 506 followers. An online petition has garnered over 1,700 signatures, and the SVP plans to deliver hundreds more physical signatures to Lappin that are being collected at an event, “The Pushcart Market,” that runs till 6 p.m. today.

Meanwhile, Midtown Lunch, responding to a CBS TV story that mentioned a food-truck operator getting between $400 and $500 in parking tickets a month, has penned a letter to Lappin asking “do you think it’s fair to punish every food truck in the city, because of a few trucks that spend all day in their spots?” and insisting that “this law will put food trucks out of business.”

At this point, it’s safe to say foodies love Jessica Lappin almost as much as they love the guy who wanted to ban salt.

Foodies Aren’t Laughin‘ at Lappin’s Food-Truck Bill