Food Truck Legislation Emboldens Haters

Brownstoner spied a cop ticketing a falafel truck in DUMBO today and wondered if the fuzz were anticipating passage of a proposed city law that would suspend food trucks with more than two violations a year. It’s unlikely that the NYPD will paper trucks with abandon (cops have to eat, too), but the ensuing comments on the Brownstoner post indicate that not everyone is in love with the street food craze. See varying points of view, below.

“I too question the use of parking spaces for retail, not to mention the competitive imbalance with brick-and-mortar restaurants. I mean, if have a produce stand, can you stack fruits and vegetables in the street as long as you keep feeding the meter?” —g man

“The Government can suck more tax money out of food establishments with fixed real estate locations, that is all that matters. Plus, restaurants contribute more money to political campaigns and they view the food trucks as unfair competition. This is pay back to campaign contributors to keep out competition.” — Grand Pa

“Who parks what where is besides the point. How about the inequity btwn retailers in the traditional bricks and mortar space paying rent that covers real estate tax liabilities and other costs a dude and his van don’t have to bear? Playing field is not level here.” — Donald Brennan

Food Truck Crack-Down Begins? [Brownstoner]

Food Truck Legislation Emboldens Haters