Food Truck Fans Fight Foe Tom LaBonge

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Last Friday, New York City Council members went after food trucks, the same day our own City Councilman and perpetual party presence, Tom LaBonge, proposed a motion to limit food trucks to “specially designated parking zones for catering trucks.” LAist reveals that Tom’s big beef is really about metered spaces and how they are used, though he does admit,”I appreciate the the value [food trucks] can add to our culinary landscape,” at least making him more food-friendly than Paul “Not a Fan” Koretz. So, how are food trucks and their fans responding?

A new Facebook page was launched last Saturday called “Los Angelinos Against Labonge.” The page details LaBonge’s “special-interest fueled
anti-food truck sentiments,” and even ropes Koretz back into the fray. It also counters the anti-truck movement by reporting that LaBonge’s motion might be unlawful and encourages readers to pepper his office with phone calls and email addresses, while gathering signatures for a petition against the proposed laws. Scarily, the latest post has a schedule of LaBonge’s biking tours, but hurling kim chi tacos at his cycling convoy could hardly be considered elevating the city’s political discourse .

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Food Truck Fans Fight Foe Tom LaBonge