Eat Gay Ice Cream for Pride at Three Twins; Arizona Chain Sells Lion Burgers

Photo: Courtesy of Three Twins

• In honor of Gay Pride week, Three Twins is bringing out several way gay flavors including Rainbows Are Gay Sherbet and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which involves blueberries. [Haighteration]

• Maker’s Mark launches their first new whiskey formulation in 57 years: Maker’s Mark 46. [ via Buzzed]

SusieCakes, which we mentioned yesterday, is throwing a grand opening sock hop. [SFoodie]

• The Sacramento Bee profiles Beard-Award-winning French Laundry chef Timothy Hollingsworth. [SacBee]

• An Arizona restaurant serving lion meat burgers to promote the World Cup has drawn protests, including a bomb threat. [AP]

• Gastronomically inclined bachelor and bachelorette parties are moving away from strippers, and towards sit-down meals at high-end restaurants. [NYT]

• Red Lobster removed oysters from the menu after its supplier shut down due to the Gulf oil spill. [AP]

• A consumer group is threatening to sue McDonald’s unless they stop using Happy Meal toys to “tempt” kids into the restaurant. [Reuters]

• The Milton, Pennsylvania home of Ettore “Hector” Boiardi — better known as Chef Boyardee — is up for auction. [Luxist]

• JetBlue has joined the ranks of other airlines selling in-flight meals on longer flights. [AP]

• Just as different medications can interact with each other, certain foods and nutritional supplements can also have an effect on the way medicines are absorbed. [WSJ]

• British supermarket chain Waitrose is planning an American expansion with their line Duchy Originals from Waitrose, which was founded by Prince Charles. [Reuters]

Eat Gay Ice Cream for Pride at Three Twins; Arizona Chain Sells Lion Burgers