East Village Spots Close (and Openly Serve Minors)

Photo: Ben Rosenzweig

As previously mentioned, Cosmic Cantina is moving, and EV Grieve passes on the news that it’s giving away the rest of its food and drink starting tonight at 4 p.m. That site also notices that that-pub-you-always-walk-by, Lilly Coogan’s, has closed, and (the real drama) NYC the Blog finds documents affixed to faux-slumming spot Cheap Shots that indicate it has been shut down for fighting and underage drinking. Cheap Shots isn’t one of the bars mentioned in the Post’s non-story about East Village establishments that served an underage intern, but it looks like Cosmic Cantina, at least, went out in style.

Per the Post: “A male bartender at Cosmic Cantina, at 99 Third Avenue, looked over the license before selling the intern a bottle of Dos Equis for $5. He then said, ‘This is for you,’ and poured a free shot of tequila.” Good to see one East Village spot is intent on keeping things above board — according to a chalkboard photographed by ever-observant EV Grieve, 7A has a policy against needles in the bathroom. Kind of like PDT’s anti-cocaine policy.

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East Village Spots Close (and Openly Serve Minors)