The Dodger Diet

Dodger Dogs, Pretzels, and Camacho’s Strike Out With Hungry Girl

The L.A. Times took Hungry Girl author Lisa Lillien out to the ballgame this weekend, letting the snack-substitution guru pick through all of our favorite foodstuffs at Dodger Stadium while offering her approval or disgust with the author, who “once got legally drunk on a pile of garlic fries.” Not Lillen though, who has just one tentative bite of a Dodger Dog before refusing the rest. The news gets only worse for Dodger diets, as she declares fried fish tacos a serious no-no then proclaims the trampoline-sized tortillas on Camacho’s burritos a health hazard. Giant pretzels also get thrown out of the game which, she adds, is a worse place for packing on pounds than going to the movies. Any good news here?

Eh, it’s not really that great, considering the setting, but you would be allowed sushi, shrimp cocktail, frozen yogurt, fruit salad, and a roast turkey sandwich, that is, if eating sushi at Dodger Stadium wasn’t actually one of the most terrifying prospects in town. Oh, and you could always sneak in a Tootsie Pop under Lillien’s watch, but wouldn’t everybody be happier if she just stayed at home next time?

Do you have any great tips for eating well while watching the game? Have you ever had a date waste a Dodger Dog like Lillien? Please, do tell in our comments.

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Dodger Dogs, Pretzels, and Camacho’s Strike Out With Hungry Girl