Crack Cocktail Clutch Mixes It Up Tonight at Oyster House

Tonight seven of the city’s premier mixologists are teaming up at the Oyster House for what’s undoubtedly the city’s first collaborative bartending event. Using the sea as inspiration, bartenders representing Adsum, Chick’s Cafe, Franklin Mortgage & Investment, Noble and Southwark will mix up their original concoctions from behind Oyster House’s bar. “We got the idea from seeing all these chefs’ collaborative dinners happening all over the city that are creating this great community of chefs,” Oyster House owner Sam Mink told Grub Street. “Philly’s bartenders are small community, so we thought why not do the same thing with them.”

Here’s the lineup of mixologists and cocktails that will be featured tonight:

Oyster House’s Andy DeGiulio and Katie Loeb will serve a Royster’s Cup, Gin, muddled cucumber and celery, Pimm’s, lemongrass, and egg white.

Adsum’s Preston Eckman came up with Love City Blossom, hibiscus and rosehip infused Plymouth gin.

Chick’s Café’s Phoebe Esmon will mix The River Man, Beefeater gin, caramelized leek shrub, topped with Vinho Verde.

Noble’s Christian Gaal offers The “Paint It” Black Velvet:, Fernet Branca, Slyfox O’Reilly Stout, and sparkling wine.

Southwark’s George Costa will shake up El Viejo, reposado tequila, yellow chartreuse, Lillet, lemon juice, egg white, and grapefruit bitters served in a glass with a salted rim.

Franklin Mortgage & Investment’s Al Sotack will prepare The Second Labor, gin, tomato and sage infused dry vermouth, salt, and lemon oil.

All cocktails will be $8. The event is cash only, and only cocktails from the featured mixologists and $1 oysters will available at the bar. All other menu items will be available in the dining room and at the oyster bar.

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Crack Cocktail Clutch Mixes It Up Tonight at Oyster House