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Conan O’Brien Lunches at Little Dom’s; Miley Cyrus Hooked on Sushi

It’s time that Miley Cyrus had some sort of intervention. No, she’s not getting kicked out of clubs or confounding alcohol monitoring devices like Lindsay Lohan or eating crappy food like Britney Spears. But the young pop star does appear to be obsessed with sushi, spotted munching raw fish every week at Katsuya, Ari-Ya, or somewhere in Studio City like Matsuda. It’s cool to see her saavy choices and all, but hasn’t she ever heard of Jeremy Piven? Dude ate so much sushi, his tongue almost told the temperature outside. It’s all about balance, Miley. While we wait for this wild youth to share our health concerns, enjoy seeing which restaurants celebs opted to dine at in L.A. this week.

BLD: Patton oswalt names it as a favorite place in L.A. along with Tallyrand, Loteria, and Providence. [Leisure Blogs]

Hamburger Mary’s: Ali Fedotowsky and Jennifer Love Hewitt hit Drag Queen bingo last Thursday. [Mom Logic]

Il Cielo: Halle Berry had lunch in ripped jeans with an associate. [Just Jared]

Katsuya: Ellen Pompeo and her hairdresser had dinner over the weekend. [Just Jared]

Kiwami: Amanda Holden followed a visit to CBS Studios with sushi for lunch. [Daily Mail]

Little Dom’s: Conan O’Brien reflected on life and possibly a po’boy in Los Feliz. [Zimbio]

Matsuda: Miley Cyrus attempted to satiate her jones for raw fish with a trip to Studio City for lunch. [Daily Mail]

Pechanga: Britney Spears showed up backstage after the Backstreet boys performed last Friday. [Contact Music]

R&D; Kitchen: Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel left lunch with doggy bags. [Just Jared]

Red O: Haylie Duff had dinner with her boyfriend. [Nick Zano]

Soho House: Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz had dinner with A-Rod manager Guy Oseary, while the Yankee was in town with his team. [The Hollywood Gossip]

Starbucks: Britney Spears picked up a coffee, y’all. [Just Jared]

Whole Foods: Vanessa Hudgens chased a yoga class with shopping for healthy groceries. [JR Gossip]

Conan O’Brien Lunches at Little Dom’s; Miley Cyrus Hooked on Sushi