Chicken McNugget Inventor Cashes out for $1.26 Billion; Tableside Cocktail Service on the Rise

• Chicken McNugget inventor, Herbert Lotman, sells his West Conshohocken-based Keystone Foods for $1.26 billion. [Inquirer]

• Hershey to spend $250 million to $300 million in facility upgrades in its hometown. [myfoxphilly]

• Starbucks stores nationwide will begin offering free Wi-Fi on July 1. [WSJ]

• Tableside cocktail service is on the rise at restaurants nationwide. [NRN]

• Soda sales are up for the first time in five years. [Time]

• Some tomato lovers think new varieties of hybrids taste just as good as heirlooms. [USA Today]

• Natural wines are a source of profound controversy in the wine aficionado world, with some enjoying the fresh taste and others decrying it as “an excuse for bad winemaking.” [NYT]

• English supermarkets are now selling pre-packaged disposable glasses of wine. [Daily Mail]

• The law prohibits many Midwestern casinos from offering free drinks to gamblers. [Huffington Post]

• The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will begin inspecting Gulf seafood right at the docks in an effort to protect consumers. [WSJ]

• Thomas’ English Muffins’ parent company is suing an executive trying to leave his job, charging that he leaked trade secrets to Hostess Brands. [NYDN]

• Whiskey from Taiwan’s first distillery is getting surprisingly good marks. [NYT]

Chicken McNugget Inventor Cashes out for $1.26 Billion; Tableside Cocktail