Casting Calls

Be the Star of a Dinner-Party–Competition Show (Sorry, Not Rocco’s)

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Thought the new Rocco’s Dinner Party was the first-ever reality show to pit dinner-party hosts against each other? Not quite! The British show Come Dine With Me is based on such a similar premise (“five strangers battle it out for the title of ultimate dinner party host … with gourmet guests judging every move”) that one has to wonder whether Team Bravo was aware of it. Probably! It plays in 22 territories. Either way, the original just got picked up by BBC America and the producers want you to star in it. Here’s the casting call.

Are you the BEST Dinner Party Host in the NYC / NJ area?
Major National / International Network is searching for the TOP DINNER PARTY HOSTS in the greater NY area in a series that will crown a weekly host or hostess the ULTIMATE DINNER PARTY HOST IN AMERICA!

We begin filming the 10 episode series in a matter of weeks - the series will air later in the year.
If you have always wanted to show the world what you got in the way of entertaining - then this series is your chance!

Every episode we pit 4 everyday people against each other in the ultimate dinner party smack-down!
Our amateur chef contestants take turns hosting a dinner party in their home for the other 3 contestants … the competitors then rate the host’s performance after each dinner party.
The winner walks away with a big CASH PRIZE and the bragging rights as that episodes “Ultimate Dinner Party Host” !

Our perfect contestants:
** Love to host people in their home and show them a great time.
** Love attending dinner parties in other people’s homes.
** Enjoy creating your favorite dishes for your friends and family.
** Love to create themes and the perfect atmosphere for their guests.
** Live within an hour of downtown Manhattan NY. (So we are looking for contestants in NY and NJ).
** We are looking for men and women of any age, profession and social class - just have the passion to create YOUR version of the perfect dinner party for 4!

You will be judged (and judge) on many factors that will include:
Theme: Overall / Table Presentation / etc….
Food…preparation / creativity / originality / etc….
Ambience - mood - vibe during your dinner party / etc…..
Overall Hospitality Skill

Contestants assign POINTS to each other in each category - the contestant with the most POINTS at the end of the final dinner party - wins!

If you are game we need to hear from you right away. Email us at:

Send us:
1. Your details: Full name / phone # / LOCATION (this is very important) /
2. Your photo (several if you can).
3, Tell us what your theme would be - describe what you might cook - and any other details about the dinner party for four that you would create.
Be creative - we need your “A Game” on this so impress us!
Remember this can be any type of dinner party… casual / formal / over the top or relaxed…. YOU are in the drivers seat - anything (within reason) goes!
Everyone has an idea of what their perfect dinner party would be like - describe yours!

1. You must not be a professional chef or work directly in the food / food hospitality industry as this would create an unfair advantage.
2. We will consider ANY size / style of home or apartment - BUT - your kitchen and entertaining area MUST be big enough for a four person crew and producer and of course you and the 3 other contestants!

Be the Star of a Dinner-Party–Competition Show (Sorry, Not Rocco’s)