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Art Smith Will Appear on TLC; Feast Is Appalled by Rodelio Aglibot

Is this appalling to you?
Is this appalling to you? Photo: courtesy TLC

Turns out Rodelio Aglibot isn’t the only Chicago chef to make it on a TLC show. The Sun-Times reports that Art Smith will be appearing as a judge on a cooking competition show called BBQ Pitmasters. The show is in its second season, and taping should begin in August. Unfortunately, his rumored TV show, Craving Comfort, fell through. But we’ll take Art Smith on TV however we can get him. Also, Aglibot’s own show, the Food Buddha, created a little controversy on Feast today, but we think it’s just a tad ridiculous.

Feast New York reported that the the pilot episode of the Food Buddha had appalled the city of New Orleans because it showed the “rotund” chef being wasteful and gluttonous in the city while the oil spill crisis was still raging: “It seems like Nawlins has food supply problems what with the Gulf Oil disaster and sending in one Midwesterner to eat restaurateurs out of house and home sounds like a waste.”

But we confirmed with Aglibot’s marketing firm that he had in fact shot the episode way before the oil spill. You can make the case that they should have held off on airing the episode due to the crisis. But wouldn’t you think that the city would actually want tourists to come and eat at this time? It’s an interesting argument, but “appalls” sounds like the wrong word.

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Art Smith Will Appear on TLC; Feast Is Appalled by Rodelio Aglibot