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Alinea at Home Gets a Sneak Peek of Aviary’s Cocktails

Grant Achatz and Craig Schoettler
Grant Achatz and Craig Schoettler Photo: courtesy Aviary

Hopefully you are well aware of Carol Blymire’s blog Alinea at Home, which has been going recipe by recipe through the Alinea cookbook. She was in town to eat at Alinea last weekend, and casually mentioned on her blog that she sampled some cocktails from Achatz’s new place, Aviary: “We started with five cocktails Grant and the team are developing and testing for his new bar, Aviary (opening Fall 2010).” This is incredible. We’ve so far heard nothing about these creations, so our minds were buzzing with the possibilities.

The cocktails in question, at least from the cocktail list, look like tried and true classics. She sampled a Hurricane, Pisco Sour, Juliet & Romeo, Bloody Mary, and a Sazerac. Most of these have been around for well over a hundred years. But there are descriptions on the tasting menu that show that little things have changed. A Sazerac usually doesn’t have kumquat in it. Anyway, check the descriptions below.

Hurricane: Passion Fruit, Flor de Cana 4 Year Rum, Matusalem Clasico Rum, cranberry
Pisco Sour: Lemon, Don Cesar Pisco, cane juice, frozen and chewy
Juliet & Romeo: Cucumber, Plymouth Gin, rose, mint
Bloody Mary: Tomato, Death’s Door Vodka, horseradish, celery
Sazerac: Kumquat, Rittenhouse rye, Peychaud’s bitters, demerara

My Dinner at Alinea [Alinea at Home]

Alinea at Home Gets a Sneak Peek of Aviary’s Cocktails