Adsum’s Bar Menu Will Feature Kool-Aid-Pickled Watermelon

Matt Levin
Matt Levin Photo: Collin Keefe

Matt Levin is staying tight-lipped about an exact opening date for his restaurant Adsum, which in the past he said would likely open by the end of June. He told Grub Street that he’s “about 99 percent ready, and finishing up some small odds and ends.” While continuing to juggle kitchen duties at Rouge and 500 Degrees, and putting finishing touches on Adsum, he’s spending what little spare time he has these days perfecting Kool-Aid-pickled watermelon. “It’s pretty cool,” Levin said. “It’s something we’re working out as part of a snack menu that we’ll have available at the bar.”

The Kool-Aid-pickled watermelon will be but one of an assortment of pickles that will be available at Adsum’s bar. “We’re also working on some sort of fish pickles,” Levin said. “Whether it’s oysters or mussels or something else, we haven’t worked it out yet.” With the full bar menu still coming together, Levin mentioned that some additional snacks will include pickled watermelon rinds and salt and vinegar chicharones.

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Adsum’s Bar Menu Will Feature Kool-Aid-Pickled Watermelon