Yikes! Ike’s Possibly Closing?

Photo: Max Kiesler/Flickr

The many, many fans of Ike’s Place may be looking at some serious sandwich sadness come June. As the Scoop reports, the upstairs neighbors, after years of complaints, have gotten owner Ike Shehadeh evicted, and he’s pleading his case in court soon.

If forced to vacate, Ike’s will likely reopen elsewhere in town, at some point down the line. But since Shehadeh has committed to opening a new location on the Stanford campus in August, he says there won’t be enough cash on hand to relocate in SF right away. The biggest surprise from the Scoop report: Ike’s employs 53 people. [Inside Scoop/Chron]

Update: Chuck Nevius weighs in on the controversy, and bizarrely, perhaps because this isn’t a sex club or nightclub, he comes down on the side of Ike’s and not the NIMBYs. [Chron]

Yikes! Ike’s Possibly Closing?