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Where in S.F. Will Barack and Michelle Eat?

The Obamas are coming to town today, mostly to attend a couple of fundraisers for Barbara Boxer at the Fairmont Hotel and the Getty mansion. But they’ll likely have time in their schedule to eat at least one local food haven, so, just for kicks, let’s engage in a little bit of pure speculation about where they might eat if they could, and by tomorrow we’ll know if any of these made the list.

Big fans of Tony Mantuano’s food at Spiaggia in Chicago, the Obamas, particularly Michelle, also love Mexican food and could make a stop off at one of the better lit Mission taquerias like Pancho Villa, or go for Laurence Jossel’s slightly higher end fare at Nopalito. The local equivalent of Spiaggia would be, what, Delfina?

They could follow in Bill Clinton’s footsteps and head to the Slanted Door, which is one of the former President’s favorites.

And little known fact: when he was a state senator, Barack once appeared on Chicago’s local PBS station’s Check Please! to talk about soul food restaurant Dixie Kitchen. If we had to guess at a soul food destination for the Obamas it would probably be Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, which coincidentally was recently featured on KQED’s Check Please!

Obviously their actual agenda is confidential, but look out for that motorcade! And SF Gate has a handy list of street closures and Muni changes to be aware of.

Obama, incoming! Street closures, Muni changes for prez’s visit [SF Gate]

Where in S.F. Will Barack and Michelle Eat?