Where to Eat If You’re Gluten-Free

Photo: Celia Cakes

Boston is something of a mecca for those suffering from food allergies, reports the Globe. The paper mentions a lot of the big gluten-free players in town, like Nebo, Myers + Chang, and Peace O’ Pie, but those aren’t the only options for the celiac set.

Ming Tsai is a huge food allergies advocate (he was instrumental in the passing of the state’s food allergy bill), so it’s no surprise that Blue Ginger is very accommodating to those with digestive issues. Burtons Grill offers a substantial gluten-free menu in each of its locations, as does Davio’s. Finally, for those who can’t have wheat, but still crave sweets, both Glutenus Minimus and Celia Cakes offer a huge variety of gluten-free desserts.

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Where to Eat If You’re Gluten-Free