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What to Eat (Yes, Eat) at Comstock Saloon, Opening For Real on May 20th

Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

Jeff Hollinger and Jonny Raglin’s post-Absinthe venture in North Beach, Comstock Saloon, has easily been the most anticipated bar unveiling of the last twelve months. Before we show you all our pictures of the place, which is being backed by Absinthe’s owners, allow us to share the food menu that will be served daily at Comstock from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m., or thereabouts.

Obviously drinks will be your first priority when the joint finally opens on May 20th, and Raglin and Hollinger promise a high-end drink menu as well as the ‘bartender’s choice’ option, which they promise will never be just a classic cocktail recipe yanked from an old tome, but will always be a unique improvisation, specific to the day and time you’re there. “So many bars these days focus on the product,” Raglin said. “And even though we’re always going to serve an excellent product, we really want Comstock to be about the experience.”

Below, the initial food offerings from chef Carlo Espinas (most recently of Camino), which are subject to change and will change over time, but which will hew generally close this format with a potted meat, a crock of beans, a pot-pie, etc. — items inspired by the hundred-year-old space that the saloon resides in.


Green olives 3.5
Corn nuts 3
Crackers, cheddar cheese spread 3
Pickle crock 4.5

Egg salad toast, carrot sticks 6.5
House salad 7.5
Potato fritters, lemon, mayonnaise 9
Dungeness crab cocktail, crackers 10.5

Potted pork, country ham, mustard warm bread 12
Fisherman’s salad: asparagus, artichokes, salted fish 13
Crock of beans, biscuit 9

Grilled quail, oyster stuffing, greens 18
Beef shank and bone marrow pot-pie 17.5
Roasted wild mushrooms, farmhouse cheese, peas, griddled rice cakes 15

Salted caramel pudding, cookie 5.5
Filbert cake, whipped cream 5.5
Confections plate: sassafras candy, peanut brittle, chocolate fudge 6.5
Andante cheese, strawberry and black pepper preserves, almonds, toasts 6.5

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What to Eat (Yes, Eat) at Comstock Saloon, Opening For Real on May 20th