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What to Eat for Dinner at Delicatessen, Launching Tonight

After three months of daytime-only service, “modern-Jewish” restaurant Delicatessen adds dinner service tonight. The prix-fixe setup harkens back to diner dinner specials of yore — no no foofy tasting menu here, your entree comes with soup or salad (our money is on the ace matzo ball, but there’s no accounting for taste), a side of your choice, and apple cake for dessert. It runs Wednesday through Saturdays from 4 to 8 p.m., with haute-ified Ashkenazi cuisine like latke-encrusted “Chanukah Salmon,” the decidedly non-kosher pastrami-studded mac and cheese, and herb-roasted chicken with challah stuffing. Read on for the full menu.

Delicatessen Dinner Menu

Choice of:

House Salad (Dressings Include Choice of: Russian Dressing, Blue Cheese, Peppercorn Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey Citrus Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette)


Cup of Soup (Chicken Noodle, Chicken Matzo Ball, Mushroom Barley, Split Pea or Soup of the Day)

All entrees will be served with choice of side (Mashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw, Garlic Spinach, Fresh Fruit, Challah Stuffing, Apple Sauce, Cheese Kugel, Cucumber Salad, Vegetable of the Day, Waffle Fries, Potato Latkes, Potato Salad)

Mary’s Meatloaf $14
Broiled Crisp and topped with a Roasted Onion Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Chicken in a Pot Pie $15
Served with Peas, Carrots, Pearl Onions, Mushrooms and Potatoes, Topped with a Golden, Flakey Crust

Chanukah Salmon $17
Latke Crusted and Pan Roasted Salmon Filet, Served with a Lemon Butter Sauce and Garlic Spinach

Henny’s Half a Roasted Chicken $16
Herb Roasted with Challah Stuffing and Gravy

Eddy’s Brisket $16
Slow Braised with Roasted Vegetables, Pan Gravy and Latkes

The Joe Wolf Special $17
Sauteed Shrimp with Mushrooms, Capers, Bell Peppers and an herb Garlic Butter, Served Over BOWTIE Pasta

Pop Pop’s Pastrami Mac and Cheese $14
Classic Elbow Noodles and Savory Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce Baked with Our House Smoked Pastrami, Roasted Red Peppers and Toasted Rye Bread Crust
What to Eat for Dinner at Delicatessen, Launching Tonight