What to Eat at Pigfest 2010

T.W. Food will devote May 13 to all things porcine with Pigfest 2010. The seven-course dinner will be full of pig parts from lardo (which appears in a salad with foie gras and beets) to feet and ears, which are popped into a puff pastry with some potato. The menu, below, costs $65 with an optional $39 wine pairing, and reservations are available by calling the restaurant.

Amuse Bouche

Cured Lardo, Foie Gras and Beet Salad
Spring greens, roasted beets, seared foie gras, cured pork
belly, green apple and calvados vinaigrette

Surf and Turf
Brioche crusted soft-shell crab with braised Berkshire
pork shank, blood sausage and pickled green cabbage

Virginia Style House-Smoked Ham
whole wheat orecchiette and fiddlehead cream sauce

Tourte Aux Pieds Et Oreilles De Porc
traditional French pig foot and pig ear cake with potato
and puff pastry

Greta’s Fairhaven, goat’s milk, Carlisle, Ma.
strachitunt, artisanal cow’s milk, Lombardy, Italy

Terrine Au Chocolat
Valrhona chocolate and cinnamon ice cream terrine
with almond dacquoise and saffron whipped cream
What to Eat at Pigfest 2010