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What to Eat at Lunch Geek, Now Open on Mid-Market

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Into the famed former Broaster place at Market and Fell comes Lunch Geek, a hip new deli and café with a competent barista and some tasty looking sandwiches (Update: Currently eating their roast Kobe beef with housemade salsa — simple, fresh, garlicky, and good). They’ve got a bunch of geek-themed healthy options with free-range chicken and turkey (like one called the TI-82, after the calculator) as well as pastrami sandwiches, both in ‘ole school’ and ‘new school’ versions — the latter of which is served with house-made Geek Sauce, an herb aioli which is clearly their spin on Ike’s Dirty Sauce.

Also, yesterday’s “Experiments” menu included a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with pickled cabbage and jalapenos. Yum!

See the full daily menu below.


I Flunked Gym Class: Free range chicken breast, Swiss cheese, mayo, Geek sauce, spicy jalapeno sauce, mixed greens, tomato $6.75

TI-82: Free range chicken breast, Havarti cheese, roasted bell pepper, mayo, Geek sauce, mixed greens. $6.75

Ole School: Pastrami, Swiss, mustard, sauerkraut $6.95

New School:
Pastrami, Swiss, mayo, Geek sauce, mixed greens, tomato $7.50

Honor Roll Student: Diestel Ranch free range turkey, Muenster cheese, mayo, Geek sauce, mixed greens, tomato $7.95

Teacher’s Pet: Diestel Ranch free range turkey, Swiss cheese, avocado, mayo, Geek sauce, mixed greens, tomato $7.95

GPA 4.0: Niman Ranch applewood smoked ham, Swiss, mayo, mixed greens, tomato $7.95

My Dog Ate My Homework: Spicy turkey, Havarti cheese, mayo, Geek sauce, mixed greens, tomato $7.25

Free range chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, Muenster cheese, mayo, Geek sauce $6.75

Recess Time:
Oven roasted mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, fresh mozzerella, Geek sauce, mixed greens, sundried tomato $6.75

Pocket Protector: Oven roasted eggplant, fresh mozzerella, fresh basil, Geek sauce, sundried tomato $6.75

This One Time at Band Camp: Mashed avocado, Geek sauce, mixed greens, tomato, Persian cucumber $6.50

Choice of Breads: Dutch crunch roll, wheat, sweet French, sourdough roll, dark rye, and Acme organic Torpedo roll.

We’d be glad to add red onions, pickles, or our spicy jalapeno sauce at your request.

Lunch Geek - 1400 Market Street - 415-626-8888

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What to Eat at Lunch Geek, Now Open on Mid-Market