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Vettel Douses Prairie Fire with 3 Stars; Bruno Likes ‘Mean’ Food

Photo: courtesy of Prairie Fire

Phil Vettel is ecstatic with Prairie Fire, the West Loop outpost for the acclaimed Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook, giving it three stars. He enjoyed nearly every course, but his favorite was the halibut, which is “clad in brioche breading over a colorful green-pea sauce. This was easily the best dish of my visits.” [Trib]

Pat Bruno looks for the best restaurant in Chicago for a large group and ends up at the Greek Islands. The portions are huge, the prices are affordable, and the moussaka is “mean.” He seems to be a little too easy on the place. He even holds back from criticizing a pasta dish his granddaughter ordered because “she was enjoying it too much for me to get all picky about it.” Come on Bruno, that’s what you do best! [Sun Times]

Bruno gets a little impatient with the long lines at the new burger joint, J. Wellington’s, but is impressed with the “bountiful burger.” He’s also a fan of the meatloaf sandwich, which he, once again, calls “mean.” [Sun Times]

Anne Spiselman is thrilled with the design of Jam, which she compares to something you’d more easily find in New York. She also has mostly positive things to say about its move to start serving dinner, “The food was sophisticated and mostly flavorful, though we all agreed the kitchen should lighten up on the salt.” [Chicago Reader]

Vettel Douses Prairie Fire with 3 Stars; Bruno Likes ‘Mean’ Food