Two New Wine Bars Opening in Venice in 2010

Photo: Dry Tour

Wine bars are becoming quite the trend around Venice it appears, with two new ventures set to open in 2010. Having successfully driven out Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, the city will probably be more welcoming of Dry Tour Wine Bar and Restaurant on the corner of Windward and Pacific, great hospitality real-estate if ever we’ve seen it. Yo! Venice! directs us to Dry Tour’s Facebook, which is trying to drum up support for a land use meeting next Thursday. If all goes right, Dry Tour will occupy one of Venice’s oldest buildings and the bar’s website reveals a commitment to its preservation. Not that it’s all that dry, though. There will also be wine, sake cocktails, and small plates in an environment that serves as a counterpoint to the loud, drunken Venice High reunions taking place nearby. Owner Arron Turnbull relates that “Dry Tour” is a European slang term that is like a “dry spell” for all aspects of life. Who else is planning to pour in Venice?

Yo! Venice! also scoped out wine bar plans for the discount furniture spread at Abbot-Kinney and Venice Blvd. Not a lot of solid info. on this one, but another bar is sorely needed on AK now that food trucks have turned The Brig into a college zone. With Salute and Pourtal popular options in Santa Monica, Venice Beach Wines always swinging in Venice, and new Bin 73 giving Washington a touch of sophistication, the proliferating wine bar scene in the Bay Cities should be a perfect match for its ever more upwardly mobile residents.

Dry Tour 80 Winward Circle Venice 90291

“Dry Tour: New Wine Bar at 80 Windward Circle {Yo! Venice!]
New Wine Bar on Abbot Kinney [Yo! Venice!]

Two New Wine Bars Opening in Venice in 2010